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MapPTTH is a fast multi-threaded web-crawler written in C. It uses libcURL to fetch files and Lexbor to parse and extract links in the HTML files.

It can produce a graph from what it found during the crawl. These graphs can be JPEG, PNG, SVG and other formats. It uses GraphViz to generate them.

I wrote it as I couldn’t find any crawler that was fast and easy to use.

Example of execution:

MapPTTH execution code on aeonn.dev

Repository: https://github.com/A3onn/mapptth/


WiGraph logo

WiGraph is a Python program meant to draw a graph representing the content of a PCAP or PCAP-ng containing IEEE802.11 (Wifi) frames.

It is similar to airgraph-ng but it reads from PCAP files instead of airodump files. It has many filters to control the final graph or graphs.

The graph part is handled by networkX, and the packet parsing part is handled dpkt.

Repository: https://github.com/A3onn/wigraph/